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Root Canals Overview

The need for root canals is most commonly caused by an untreated cavity. A root canal is recommended when the nerve, or pulp, has been severely damaged or has become infected. Pulp inside the tooth may be inflamed from trauma or extensive restorative work. Inflammation may be caused by a tooth being filled too frequently. The most common and obvious symptom of a tooth needing a root canal is tooth pain. Root canals often save an infected tooth from extraction by removing the nerve and replacing it with a strengthening agent. Dr. Sunjay Lad and Dr. Chiman Lad are both very professional and experienced doctors in Endodontic treatments. Let Lad Family Dentistry be your first choice in your oral hygiene. Call today for an appointment for endodontic therapy in Temple City (626) 287-4094.

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My Root Canal Experience At Lad Family Dentistry Wasn’t Painful At All

“I have had to have a few root canals in my life and they were not pleasant experiences. So when I started to feel sensitive to hot and cold liquids on my tooth, I searched for a dentist that also offered sedation. Dr. Sunjay Lad walked me through all my sedation options. When it came time for the root canal, it truly was painless…I napped right on through it. I am so glad I took the time to find Lad Family Dentistry.”

Joe B.
Arcadia, CA
5-Star Rating

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Process for Root Canal Therapy and Treatment

• Patient receives anesthesia
• Tooth is isolated with a dental dam
• Tooth is opened for removal of infected or dead pulp
• Tooth is cleaned, including any canals or cracks
• Using special tools the dentist reshapes the canals
• Tooth is filled with biocompatible filling material
• A temporary covering is placed to protect your tooth
• Next visit a dental crown is placed
If you suspect the need for a root canal, receive the best quality dental care from Dr. Sunjay Lad and Dr. Chiman Lad at Lad Family Dentistry. For any endodontic needs in Temple City call us at (626) 287-4094.

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Save the Tooth… With a Root Canal!

Root canal procedures are designed to remove decayed or dead pulp from the central part of your tooth, reshaping the canal and replacing it with strengthening material. When the enamel of your tooth becomes decayed, it causes a cavity, and if left untreated, it can cause extensive damage to your tooth structure. When this damage goes beyond what can be treated with a filling, Dr. Chiman Lad or Dr. Sunjay Lad can perform a root canal or endodontic therapy. Having the root canal will allow you to retain your original tooth’s integrity and save the tooth, when in the past, it would have been pulled. Come to Lad Family Dentistry in Temple City if you suspect endodontic problems. Click here for more information.

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endodontic treatment to save your teeth

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Root Canal

There are many advantages to having a root canal as opposed to pulling your tooth. Some of them are: the relief of all pain and discomfort; the ability to salvage part of your own tooth; treatment that is less expensive than some other options and the protection against shifting teeth if one is extracted. Some disadvantages are: after the root canal, the tooth is no longer vital and may become brittle; more expensive than a tooth extraction; and more complicated than a tooth extraction. Eliminate your painful sleepless nights by calling our office today and scheduling an appointment. For all your Endodontic needs in Temple City call (626) 287-4094.

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24 Hours a Day… We’re Here To Talk About Root Canals

If you have experienced trauma to a tooth and need urgent dentistry, you can be assured that your phone call will be answered 24 hours a day and we will give you the help and service you need. If you find that you have swelling and intensive root pain you may need endodontic treatment. If not treated, you may have excess bacteria that can eventually become an abscessed tooth. Don’t wait for that to happen, Dr. Sunjay Lad, Dr. Chiman Lad and our competent staff will be right there for you, making you comfortable and welcome for any procedure that you may need. Temple City has endodontic dentistry with Lad Family Dentistry, call now (626) 287-4094

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24-7 endodontic treatment available

Caring Endodontic Care in Temple City is Available 24/7

For any endodontic treatments in Temple City, you can trust Lad Family Dentistry. Call for more information or to answer any questions you may have. (626) 287-4094

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Very professional, very clean, very organized. Will take time to make sure that you are comfortable. Plus there are lovely outdoor gardens that patients can observe while getting their teeth cleaned.

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Dr. Sunjay Lad is professional, thorough, and efficient. He talks through the different options for care with me and is honest about what needs to be taken care of in the short term versus what we can wait to deal with later. Very clean facility and welcoming and proficient staff. Highly recommend.

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I had a friend who recommended Dr. Chiman Lad a few years ago, and finally decided to make the switch this year. My friend has had Dr. Lad as his dentist for over 30 years, so I figured he must be good! The office is in a really convenient location for me so that was a major contributing factor for me to make the switch.

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I have been to several dentist in my lifetime and some of the procedures Dr Lad used are some of the most advanced I have ever seen. The attention and service from the entire staff at Lad Family dentistry is also among the highest.

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