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Whiter and Brighter Smile

In today’s society, a whiter, brighter smile can mean confidence. Professional teeth whitening is a very popular dental procedure that makes your smile more attractive. Bleaching your teeth can enhance a dull smile or simply whiten and brighten stained or discolored teeth. Our office offers in office bleaching treatments (Zoom) or take home (Nite White) custom bleaching trays. Either way, tooth whitening is painless and safe for most patients. Dental teeth whitening in Temple City with Lad Family Dentistry is a quick and easy way to a sparkling smile. Click here for an appointment!

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My Wife Was Right… My Teeth Were Pretty Yellow

“My Grandparents did it; my parents did it and I did it. Yes, we all drank coffee and for years, I smoked cigarettes. Now I really regret it. My teeth had hard to remove stains and were virtually yellow in color. I had tried over the counter bleaching strips and bleaching to no avail. I even tried natural methods, which worked but had such slow progress, I gave up. I called Dr. Chiman Lad with some promptings from my wife, and had a whitening treatment. I love my bright white teeth. No more coffee or tobacco. I like what I have.”

Denny S.
Arcadia, CA
5-Star Rating

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Dental Bleaching is A Great Option

Your teeth will darken over time. This can be caused from many of the foods you eat or what you drink. Culprits include: coffee, tea, wine, or cola drinks. Other known reasons for discoloration could be from childhood medications or illnesses, tobacco or poor oral hygiene. Many of these teeth stains are hard to remove and cannot be rectified by your general biannual dental cleanings. If you are interested in lightening the color of your teeth, come to Lad Family Dentistry for professional quality care. Call us for professional teeth whitening in Temple City now! (626) 287-4094

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professional teeth whitening powerized

Healthy Tips for White Teeth

Readers Digest claims that “not only do your teeth help you talk and chew, they can make or break your appearance.” Here are 10 tips for whiter teeth:
• Go on a white teeth diet (no wine, tea, tobacco, colas or dark juices)
• Change your toothbrush often
• Clean your tongue
• Eat detergent foods (raw carrots, celery and popcorn)
• Gargle with apple cider vinegar
• Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week
• Stay fresh, use mouthwash
• Practice flossing with your eyes shut
• Brush your teeth in the morning and before you get in bed
• Conceal with color (ladies use a lipstick that will make your teeth look white

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Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Zoom has many benefits over whitening toothpastes, over the counter strips or paint on gels, or at home trays. These other whitening treatments can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to give you somewhere between 1 to 6 shade lighter teeth. They may have no immediate results, be inconsistent in color or fade if you stop using the product. Zoom, on the other hand, will take just one appointment, give you an average of 8 shades lighter, have immediate results, be long lasting, and have less fade-back. Zoom is safe and comfortable for enamel on sensitive teeth. You decide, and then call us at (626) 287-4094 for all your professional teeth whitening in Temple City.

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Teeth Whitening at Home

At-home whitening treatments involve custom made trays filled with bleaching solution (dental grade peroxide) that fit perfectly on your teeth. These treatments are less in cost than the in-office Zoom whitening, but do take more time for the desired results (usually 2 weeks). Whatever you decide, our team at Lad Family Dentistry can help you achieve the bright white teeth you desire. Call us for your professional teeth whitening in the Temple City area. (626) 287-4094

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we're experts in professional teeth whitening for Temple City

Professional Teeth Whitening in Temple City at Lad Family Dentistry

For whiter, brighter and dazzling teeth get professional teeth whitening from Lad Family Dentistry in Temple City. Call (626) 287-4094 or click here to make your appointment.

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Very professional, very clean, very organized. Will take time to make sure that you are comfortable. Plus there are lovely outdoor gardens that patients can observe while getting their teeth cleaned.

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Dr. Sunjay Lad is professional, thorough, and efficient. He talks through the different options for care with me and is honest about what needs to be taken care of in the short term versus what we can wait to deal with later. Very clean facility and welcoming and proficient staff. Highly recommend.

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I have been to several dentist in my lifetime and some of the procedures Dr Lad used are some of the most advanced I have ever seen. The attention and service from the entire staff at Lad Family dentistry is also among the highest.

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