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Kids Dentist: First Dental Visit

Your kids’s first dental visit should be on or around his/her first birthday. The most important aspect of the visit is creating a comfort level for your child when visiting a dentist and allowing them to be familiar with our doctors and staff. A pleasant and fun first visit will build trust and help put your child at ease for future dental visits. We, at Lad Family Dentistry, provide a warm, kind and relaxed atmosphere for your children and will encourage parents’ participation to alleviate your child’s dental fears so they will feel safe. Don’t worry, we have children too. All children leave with a toy. Call us for your child’s first appointment anytime 24 hours a day with our children’s dentist in Temple City (626) 287-4094.

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How to Prevent Cavities in Your Children

Good oral hygiene is the number one factor to prevent cavities. Educating your kids about oral health and teaching them to brush and floss daily will create positive habits for life. This daily regimen will help remove bacteria and leftover food particles that combine to create tooth decay and cavities. For your infants, use a damp soft cloth and wipe the plaque and tartar from their teeth and gums. For your older kids, have them brush their teeth twice a day. If you have any questions, our dentists and hygienists will be glad to assist in teaching you and your children the proper techniques for teeth cleaning. Click here make an appointment for your children in Temple City.

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My Children Love the Dentist

“I have three children and what a handful! I thought taking them to the dentist would be the first and last time they would ever allow me to come to their establishment. I read on the internet that it was suggested to take your children when they were one to the dentist for their first appointment. At our first one’s second birthday I decided to brave going with my oldest two children. I went in expecting them to usher us out as soon as they had a few minutes with them. Wow, they were incredibly patient and gentle with my children, they taught me a few tips for keeping their teeth clean, and my children left with a new toothbrush and a toy. Thank you Lad Family Dentistry.”

Yvette S.
Temple City, CA
5-Star Rating

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reduce kids dentistry expenses with sealants

What is a sealant?

A sealant is a clear or shaded thin plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth, usually placed on the back teeth (premolars and molars) to prevent tooth decay. The sealant bonds to the grooves and depressions of the teeth, which forms a defensive shield over the enamel of each sealed tooth. These sealants are typically given to children and teenagers whose molars are free of decay or fillings. We, at Lad Family Dentistry, are a favorite children’s dentist in the Temple City area and will be happy to assist in any way we can for you and your children. Call us at (626) 287-4094 or Click here to schedule your appointment today.

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why choose us as your kids dentist

Kids Dentist, Dr. Sunjay Lad Recommends a Good Diet

A healthy well balanced diet is needed to promote healthy teeth and gums. Our children’s teeth, bones and soft tissue in the mouth depend on the nutrition derived from healthy eating. We need to make sure that our children receive a variety of foods from the five food groups, which help minimize and avoid cavities and other dental problems. Eating vegetables, low fat yogurt and cheeses are a better choice for snacking than the high in starch and sugar snacks. Along with the healthy diet, a regular routine of brushing, flossing and using fluorinated mouth wash will help ensure good oral health. For additional information regarding diet or oral hygiene please call us at (626) 287-4094. You can rely on Lad Family Dentistry for all your children’s dental needs.

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What do I do if:
My child has a toothache – clean the area of the affected tooth and rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm water or use dental floss to clear any food from teeth. If the pain persists, call us.
• Cut lip, tongue or cheek – apply ice to injured areas, if bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure with gauze.
• Permanent tooth has been knocked out – If possible find the tooth, rinse it in water only and put it in a cup with the person’s saliva or milk. Call us immediately; quick action can save the tooth.
We are available for calls 24 hours a day and are more than willing to help you in any emergency. Call Lad Family Dentistry in Temple City for all your children’s dental work. (626) 287-4094

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Your Trusted Children’s Dentist is Only a Call Away!

For all your Pediatric Dental needs in the Temple City area, please call Dr. Sunjay Lad and Dr. Chiman Lad at (626) 287-4094

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Amanda K.

Very professional, very clean, very organized. Will take time to make sure that you are comfortable. Plus there are lovely outdoor gardens that patients can observe while getting their teeth cleaned.

Martha W.

Dr. Sunjay Lad is professional, thorough, and efficient. He talks through the different options for care with me and is honest about what needs to be taken care of in the short term versus what we can wait to deal with later. Very clean facility and welcoming and proficient staff. Highly recommend.

Xtine T.

I had a friend who recommended Dr. Chiman Lad a few years ago, and finally decided to make the switch this year. My friend has had Dr. Lad as his dentist for over 30 years, so I figured he must be good! The office is in a really convenient location for me so that was a major contributing factor for me to make the switch.

Ron P.

I have been to several dentist in my lifetime and some of the procedures Dr Lad used are some of the most advanced I have ever seen. The attention and service from the entire staff at Lad Family dentistry is also among the highest.

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