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Definition of a Good Dental Cleaning:

A professional dental cleaning consists of scaling and polishing your teeth. Most dental hygienists take between 25 and 30 minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth. These cleanings should take place at least every six months to prevent excessive plaque and tartar buildup. Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to unhealthy gums and tooth decay. Remember to call Lad Family Dentistry every six months for a dental cleaning to keep your gums and teeth healthy. For a gentle and amazing dental experience you will look forward to call Lad Family Dentistry in Temple City (626) 287-4094 or just click here and fill out our online appointment request.

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Life Hits Hard and Fast

“For me, life is in the fast lane. I budget not only my finances, but also my time very carefully. At Lad Family Dentistry, they respect my precious time and also make sure my dental care fits within my financial budget. I can make my cleaning appointments and count on them to be punctual enough for me to take a late lunch break and be back to work on time. I recommend them highly.”

Martha T.
Pasadena, CA
5-Star Rating

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Scaling During a Dental Cleaning

Plaque is a sticky, bacteria-filled substance that collects on your teeth after eating. This plaque tends to accumulate in the area of the gum line or just below, sometimes causing tooth decay or gum disease if not treated in a timely manner. Scaling is a non-surgical procedure used to eliminate this harmful plaque and restore clean teeth. Normally, this scaling is done manually using a dental scaler and curette. However, advanced technology has developed an ultrasonic scaling instrument that cleans the plaque using a vibrating metal tip that chips off tartar and a water spray to wash it away. Eliminate your plaque by calling Lad Family Dentistry in Temple City for your professional dental cleaning. (626) 287-4094

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Polishing During a Dental Cleaning

Polishing is the final step when receiving a dental cleaning. It includes finishing the surface of the teeth to make them shiny and clean. Rubber tip polishing uses a low speed, gentle hand piece coated with polishing paste used for removing stains. There is nothing like the feeling of newly cleaned and polished teeth. Call Lad Family Dentistry for your teeth cleaning in Temple City today. (626) 287-4094

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expert dental cleanings for oral health

Helpful Oral Hygiene Tips… To Make Your Cleaning Easier

Nothing can replace the twice a year teeth cleanings with a professionally trained dental hygienist, but you can maintain good oral health by maintaining these simple habits:
Brush carefully twice a day and floss at least daily
Rinse with a fluoride mouth wash and brush with a fluoride tooth paste
Limit your consumption of soda, juices, sports drinks and sugary snacks
Change your toothbrush often
Eat a balanced diet and limit snacks
For all your dental cleaning needs in Temple City, call us at (626) 287-4094

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expert dental tips for teeth cleaning and hygiene

General Oral Health

Prophy is a procedure for maintaining a healthy mouth without periodontitis. Prophys, or dental cleanings including an exam by your dentist, are recommended twice a year, with x-rays annually. To prevent excess cavities and fillings, trust our professionally trained hygienists to provide a gentle and comprehensive teeth cleaning. After your cleaning, you will receive an exam from one of our highly qualified dentists to complete your oral health check-up. Call us today at (626) 287-4094 for your dental cleanings in Temple City.

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A Beautiful, Clean Smile is Only a Call Away!

Come in for a gentle and amazing dental cleaning experience you will look forward to in the Temple City area. Call us now! Lad Family Dentistry (626) 287-4094

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Amanda K.

Very professional, very clean, very organized. Will take time to make sure that you are comfortable. Plus there are lovely outdoor gardens that patients can observe while getting their teeth cleaned.

Martha W.

Dr. Sunjay Lad is professional, thorough, and efficient. He talks through the different options for care with me and is honest about what needs to be taken care of in the short term versus what we can wait to deal with later. Very clean facility and welcoming and proficient staff. Highly recommend.

Xtine T.

I had a friend who recommended Dr. Chiman Lad a few years ago, and finally decided to make the switch this year. My friend has had Dr. Lad as his dentist for over 30 years, so I figured he must be good! The office is in a really convenient location for me so that was a major contributing factor for me to make the switch.

Ron P.

I have been to several dentist in my lifetime and some of the procedures Dr Lad used are some of the most advanced I have ever seen. The attention and service from the entire staff at Lad Family dentistry is also among the highest.

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